Salads and plates



Red cabbage salad

6.90 EUR

Carrot-apple salad with rocket salad  (Arugula)

6.90 EUR

Beet salad with ripened cheese

6.90 EUR

Herring in fur

12.90 EUR

Vegetable rasol

7.90 EUR

Classic rasol

12.90 EUR

Meat salad

12.90 EUR

Mille feuille chicken salad with walnuts

12.90 EUR

Fresh vegetables / lettuce

12.90 EUR

Mille feuille tuna salad

12.90 EUR

Mille feuille chicken salad with  rye bread croutons

12.90 EUR

Pineapple and smoked chicken salad

15.90 EUR

Bean salad with smoked meat

15.90 EUR

Greek salad

12.90 EUR

Tongue salad

18.40 EUR

Caesar salad with chicken

19.80 EUR



Fresh vegetable plate with herb sauce

10.90 EUR

Fruit plate

12.90 EUR

Meat plate

25.89 EUR

Plate of  toasts with garlic sauce

15.79 EUR

Fish plate

29.90 EUR

Cheese plate

21.90 EUR

Bread and cheese plate

21.30 EUR

Cheese crust plate

21.90 EUR

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