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Bran and seed cookies, 140g

Do you want something delicious but at the same time healthy? Lāči masters have created healthy and unique cookies - these are Bran and Seed Cookies. The cookies are 100% natural, do not contain preservatives, enhancers and e-substances, as well as less sugar is added. It is a real source of fiber because it contains high-quality and nutritionally important ingredients. Enjoy your meal!

  • Premium product;
  • Carefully selected raw materials;
  • Handmade.


sour cream butter, sugar, wheat flour, whole wheat flour 17%, eggs, wheat bran 5%, linseed 5%, chia seeds 3%, disintegrant: baking powder, salt, rosemary extract, vanillin.

Nutritional value:

Energy: 2063 kJ/497 kcal.

100g of the product contains: fat 28,1g, incl. saturated fat 11,8g, carbohydrates 39g, incl. sugars 18,8g, protein 6,1g, salt 0,2g

Storage conditions: from + 2°C to + 25°C. Allergens: milk, cereals, eggs. Cena par kilogramu: 19.21 € EAN code: 4751004790300

2.69 €
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