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Tavā grozā nav nekā garšīga.


Grain bag

Symbol of welfare, health and cosiness.

Only grains that have ripen in one’s own land, that have got enough sun’s warmth and earth’s strength and that has refreshed in morning dew and rain moisture have the power of bread. When you have a handful of golden grain, it is clear – you’ll have a welfare and bread on the table with the taste of height of summer.

  • Big bag- 3,00 EUR
  • Medium bag- 2,00 EUR
  • Small bag- 1,90 EUR


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Wooden bread peel

The bread doesn’t go in the mouth of stove just like that. There is work for a bread-peel. It is made of read wood, it is large and wide and the loaf has nowhere to escape – the peel puts the loafs one after the other in the stove to get back golden brown and appetizingly smelling loafs.

Wooden bread peel-  10 EUR


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