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About bread

In contrast to other breads, "Lāči" bread is baked according to ancient Latvian bread baking traditions and only from quality and natural ingredients. Without any preservatives. 

Just like in olden times, the bread is fermented for a long period based on a special multi - stage technology using natural yeast. This is why compressed yeast is not needed when making "Lāči" bread.

The bread yeast and each loaf of bread baker. This is why the human factor is vital to the "Lāči" bread baking process, so things are done by hand and not industrial equiment.

As per ancient traditions, "Lāči" bread is only baked on a hearth in real brick oven heated by wood - and on a stone surface. Deepending on the type and size of the bread, it will be baked for 1 to 2 hours, though the total preparation time can take up to 36 hours.