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About us

In one lovely story…

Things happen a bit differently here. More thoroughly. If the people here do something, then they do it like it was done centuries ago – for real and sincerely. With their hearts, souls, minds and their own hands.

When a Lāči master gets ready to bake bread, he spends a long time preparing because you need inspiration to bake bread. It's like raising a child – you have to get a hold of yourself and step back from yourself a bit.

And you have to put everything into one thing. Into creation.
At Lāči, dough is leavened in real wooden troughs; it's kneaded by hand and formed into loaves which are patted to see if they're ready. Each bump is felt and each grain is inspected to see if the farmers have put their all into growing them. Lāči bread is baked in a real wood-stove. The wood is arranged so each loaf of bread has its sides warmed, its crust loved and its centre attended to. The masters sit and watch like hawks and wait – wait for the mouth of the oven to be exactly as hot as it needs to be.
For the bread to be baked, for it to be aromatic and delicious enough to be brought to you.
The recipe used to bake bread was searched for far and wide. The master who bakes bread is chosen for his big heart and skilled hands.
Everything is natural and real. From the heart.
This truly is a place for happy loaves. And when you eat them, you become happy, too.
Because those feelings, love and care cannot be hidden.
And that's that

Mission and Vision

To grow in strength and skill, to introduce new breads and bakery items and to develop new business directions in Latvia and the export market.


To bake natural and high quality bread and original bakery items, all while honouring, upholding and developing centuries-old traditions.

  • Ancient and unique baking traditions;
  • Diligent work;
  • Honesty and fairness;
  • Development and innovation;
  • Mastery and knowledge.