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Honey almond triangle cookies, 1kg

To create "Lāči" bread and other delicacies, the bakers are often aided by a good mood, inspiration and love. In turn, they're aided in the creation of the wonderful "Lāči" cookies by secret helpers - baking elves. These elves are the guardians of the world's best cookies and enthusiastically participate in every part of the baking process - from the creation of the recipe to mixing the dough, and even in bringing the cookies to the perfect crispiness and golden colour. If the baking elves deem a cookie ready, then we can pass them along to you! The almond triangle cookies with natural honey are being perfected because the baking elves have rolled out a pastry base using a rolling pin of pure gold. Then they carefully choose the crunchiest hazelnuts and almonds and gather the sweetest honey from their friends, the bees, at the honey market.

  • Premium product;
  • Carefully selected raw materials;
  • Handmade.

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