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Borodinsky bread, 240g

The baking masters of "Lāči" get acquainted with various folk tales to better understand the role of bread in foreign cultures. It turns out that in ancient times "Borodinsky" bread was baked for soldiers in order for them to have the strength and energy in battles, as magical properties were attributed to coriander seeds already in ancient Egypt. The baking masters thought: "The Latvian nation is also a nation of fighters!" So they decided: "Let’s make the Latvian nation even stronger and give it "Borodinsky" bread so that Latvians are even more powerful in spirit and in flesh!"

  • With natural rye yeast;
  • Reduced salt and sugar;
  • 100% natural raw materials;
  • Contains no preservatives;
  • With coriander;
  • Handmade.


rye flour, wheat flour, water, sugar, rye malt, malt extract, linseed flour, salt, yeast, wheat gluten, coriander 0.6%, rye yeast (rye flour,  yeast pure culture, acidity regulators: lactic acid, acetic acid).

Nutritional value:

Energy: 1020 kJ/241 kcal.
100g of the product contains: fat 1,7g, incl. saturated fat 0,3g, carbohydrates 45g, incl. sugars 7,3g, fibre 8,3g, protein 6,5g, salt 1,0g.

Storage conditions: store in a dry place. Allergens: cereals. Cena par kilogramu: 3.83 € EAN code: 4751004797187

0.92 €
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