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Group offer

OFFER No. 1 (vegetarian offer)

  • Vegetable soup with red beans;
  • Cod fillet rissole with mashed potatoes and fresh lettuce salad;
  • "Lāči" bread soup with foamed cream
  • Lāči bread, lemon water.

** 4.59 EUR per pers.
*** 5.89 EUR  per pers.


  • Potato - leek cream soup with bacon
  • Chicken roll cooked in peppermint tea with roasted potato and creamy sauce
  • Rye bread puff pastry with  cottage cheese "Maiznieka deserts" ("Baker’s Dessert")
  • Lāči bread, lemon water.

** 6.59 EUR  per pers.
*** 7.89 EUR  per pers.


  • Lemon chicken soup with egg noodles
  • Stewed pork ribs in plum glaze with roasted vegetables
  • Rye bread crumbs –  yoghurt cream with vanilla sauce
  • Lāči bread, lemon water.

** 7.89 EUR  per pers.
*** 8.89 EUR  per pers.

OFFER No. 4 ( vegetarian offer )

  • Tomato cream soup with milk white bread croutons
  • Rye bread  and potato baked pudding/ with butternut squash and fresh lettuce salad
  • Rye bread –  yoghurt cream with vanilla sauce
  • Lāči bread, lemon water.

** 6.49 EUR  per pers.
*** 7.89 EUR  per pers.



Mēs esam stipri ļaudis. 
Jo mums ir TĀDA maize. Lāču maize. 

* Offer valid: choosing one kind of offer, starting from 5 persons
**  For any two courses
*** For three courses