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"A Loaf of Rye Bread Under One’s Arm"- family excursion

Let’s go to the interesting and explorative family excursion together with a tour guide, following the programme:

  • Introduction to a baker’s job, tools;
  • Joint baking of a loaf of bread; 
  • Baking of a sand dough cookies;
  • Baking of a sweet big pretzel;
  • Degustation of bread and toasts.

Period: 1,5 h.
Family programme: up to 6 persons.
Family ticket price: 33,50 EUR

"The Force of Rye Grain"

A cognitive educatory and training excursion for schoolchildren, during which you are enabled to know about the valuable properties of rye bread, to get acquainted with the baking process. You will be able to view the bread stoves and baking tools, following the programme:

  • Introduction to the bread baking process and the baking tools;
  • Narration about of the valuable properties of rye bread;
  • Joint baking of a big pretzel;
  • Class baking of a loaf of bread;
  • Baking of biscuits;
  • Production tasting.

Period: 1,5 h.
Price: 7,00 EUR/pers.
Excursion for schoolchildren starting from 10 persons.

"Bread Baking Is My Treasure"

A cognitive excursion for the little ones, following the programme:

  • A story told about the origin of bread;
  • Introduction to the baking job and the tools;
  • Baking of sand dough cookies;
  • Tasting of bread and toasts.

Period: 1.5 h. 
Price: 4.50 EUR/pers.

Excursion for children till 7 years old.