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Aleksandrs Maslovskis

                                                                                                                                                       Image - aleksandrs maslovskis.png


 Aleksandrs Maslovskis, a multiple European and multiple Latvian champion in bodybuilding, the coach of the sports club "Panatta" overturns the widespread opinion that serious training at the sports club is not connected with eating bread.

"In childhood and in youth, living with our parents, and now in our family, we always had bread at the table. I cannot imagine a meal without bread. My wife, a former kickboxer, and two children - a son of twelve years old, as well as a four-year-old girl eat whole-grain rye bread almost every day. I like the rye bread with seeds best of all, but, for example, I eat "Lāči" fruit bread instead of cakes.

Serving in the army in the Far East for two years, I had two things for eating after which I for a long time: in my dreams felt the aromatic scents of coffee and a bit sour scent of black rye bread. Before the army, at the age of eighteen, I was slender like a pencil - tall in height, but weighed only 55 kilograms. The army, with its eternal porridge, changed this situation, but it really affected the muscle mass, but I returned to Latvia. Also, practicing in bodybuilding and participating in competitions, I have never given up eating bread, although in this sport, sportsmen must follow a very strong diet. Now I am not active in sports, but I train four or five times a week to maintain my shape.

I worked from the very beginning at the sports club "Panatta" at Mukusalas Street; it will be twelve years already. When a new client arrives, we first speak before starting workouts. Everyone pursues own objectives. Some want to increase their muscle mass, the other - to lose weight, but the third one wants to simply become stronger. 90 percent of our sports club visitors are practicing, not to participate in contests, but merely for themselves, for their own health. When we have found the goal of training, the next question is about eating, since almost half of the workout outcomes depend upon just the right eating. Moreover, a normal, healthy person can eat everything, it is important only how and when. Bread is among the products necessary for the body, but I also do not mind chocolate and sweets: if you really want, you can sin. It is best to eat sweets on the morning. If one of the customers proudly announces: "I do not eat bread, I can become thick", I answer briefly: "Well, it's bad that you do not eat!"

When working at a sports club, it has happened to hear about various excesses. For example, a person who arrived at the club was all day performing a physical job, and in the evening after the job came for training without eating. You are empty, you cannot do anything! If the car is not fuelled with gasoline, it cannot be driven.

At home, I'm the one who is ready to eat. I laugh that my wife does not even know what is in our refrigerator. I take care of it. I've also mastered Japanese, Arabic cuisines, I myself pickle chicken, I invite my friends on a grill in the garden. I eat bread by myself and offer it to my family members, friends, I recommend eating it to my customers. If anyone is in doubt whether my eating habits are healthy, let come and touch my muscles!"