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Bread signs

  • A sign was pressed on the longish load with one’s fingers or side of palm. Most often it was a cross, inclined cross or lines.
  • A nice note was from Lutrini about Kurzeme crossing cross – sign of Mara. First, the usual cross is pressed on the loaf with the side of palm. When pressing the first line, one says – May it not burn, when crossing the second – May it not remain raw, then all four are crossed with a finger and it is said – There will be enough for poor! There will be enough for the ones on the way! There will be bread for kids! There will be enough for ourselves!
  • Women in Vidzeme have drawn also a pine needle or ear and it was called a fire sign. The inclined cross drawn with four fingers is original.
  • People in Zemgale have like the simple inclined cross.
  • In ​​​​​​​Latgale – a cross.
  • During the Christmas, ​​​​​​​the festive loafs were blessed by drawing a sun sign or eight-line cross one them. Notches were pressed on the side so that the bread doesn’t crack when baking.