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Tavā grozā nav nekā garšīga.


  • Kurzeme people have high self-esteem, they are rough and do not speak a lot. 
  • Prior to baking bread, Kurzeme people bring a hod to the room to let it warm. A hod is made of a whole piece of wood by cutting it in half and carefully carving out the middle part. A hod has four "horns" or handles on both ends. There is even a puzzle - "four horns and a big stomach in the middle". 
  • When a hod is ready one goes for flour and it is also left to warm up like the hod; if it is cold outside the flour should be duly sieved.
  • Chefs were taking care not to give away all the bread loaf from home, a piece of loaf was usually kept at home. 
    Children like it most, and it is said that the one who eats it would have white and strong teeth. 
  • When bread dough no longer sticks to hands, a loaf is made and a big cross is pressed in it, little notches are pressed at the ends and on sides.
    By pressing the first line, one says: "May it not burn!"
    At the second one: "May it not remain raw!"
    Upon crossing  the ends of the cross with the index finger one says:
    There will be enough for poor!
    There will be enough for the ones on the way!
    There will be bread for kids!
    There will be enough for ourselves! 
  • It is said that the more smooth is a loaf, the more beautiful will be the chef's children and the better mother-in-law she will have.